FREE SEO and Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin Click the link to get your FREE Affiliate Marking and SEO plugin for your WordPress sites. I created this plugin to help make the process of building affiliate links within my posts easier. It also helps build internal links within my blog for maximum SEO firepower. Remember, its a free plugin, so use it in as many WordPress sites as you want. All I ask is that you pass the link to anyone you know that might find this plugin helpful. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “FREE SEO and Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

  1. @soupjam A appreciate the kind comment. I try to put things in a way I would like them explained to me. Hope you enjoy the rest and the upcoming batch of videos!

  2. Unfortunately no. Since Blogger is a hosted application, getting any type of 3rd party plugins on them is next to impossible. But you never know down the road! Thanks for question and stopping by!

  3. @sidebarr7 Just click the link in the video and it will take you there. I cant post a link in this comment box. Let me know what ya think!

  4. Thanks for simplifying Affiliate Marketing – there re a lot of get rich schemes out there to navigate past, so newbie affiliates need simple guides on how to get started with affiliate marketing. Is it ok to add a link to your videos to our website, Affiliates School?


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  7. @BarbarianRebellion Thanks for the comment: plugin(dot)thewebtrainer(dot)com. You can get it there!

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