Free reseller hosting

Click here for your free reseller webhosting: (Please tell your friends about this video) With this absolute, completely free reseller webhosting, you can sell webhosting accounts with cPanel to so many clients you want just for free, on your own website! Its easy and very effektive, and its up to you, how good webhosting you will give to your clients. Just with some few clicks you can make a good and cool webhosting website. _____________________________________________________________ Everyone who want their own custom .tk domain for free, go to: When you have an account on create a new domain. When you are registering your domain you must choose the nameservers you are running your website on. So choose custom DNS and type these two nameservers in, if you are using Youhosting ns1.yourdomain.example ns2.yourdomain.example Note that this is (only) an example, the nameservers you are typing in must be your own valid nameservers. You can edit the name of your nameservers in configuration. When youre done go to Youhosting and create a new domain, and dont forget to choose: I want to get a free .TK domain, and now type in the domain you created in (When you are registering a domain from another provider, you must wait about 1 hour before the website you created are working)