Free Hosting for Affiliate Marketing – Free Course – Easy Part Time Money – Online Marketing

Place to get free hosting and sub-domain: Here is where to sign up to make money by online marketing or This is a sample online marketing Ad: This is part 2 of The free course on making money with online marketing. This video will show you how to get started with your own hosting and simple redirects. I will show you where to get a good free sub-domain and how a simple redirect is set up, note You can also set up several redirects on one domain. For example: see the above links for , the part after the"" is the important part in this case its "affiliate" this is the page name, you can put as many redirects as you want on any domain or sub-domain. This page name can be anything since the internet always looks for the first part "" and then your page name. If you have no page name after the "" it will go to the main domain or its redirect if you have one set up. Just make sure that whatever you use for a redirect that it is unique and is closely related to your product. This hosting site gives you free hosting with a c-panel hosting control panel. The only requirements are that you log into your x10hosting account at least 1 time every month, they will suspend your page if you dont, takes a day or so to get UN-suspended if you forget. Please dont break their eula and tos, I really like this company and they just ask that you dont do anything illegal, please dont abuse this <b>...<b>