Forwarding a Domain Name

This is a quick tutorial on how to forward a domain name to another website of your choice like your YouTube, FaceBook, or any other web address with our Domain Manager. Visit us at to Register or Transfer your Domain Name to Us. Here are the steps to forwarding your domain: To Forward a Domain 1. Log in to your Account Manager. 2. In the My Products section, click Manage Domains. 3. Select the domain names you want to forward. 4. Above your list of domain names, click Forward. 5. On the Forwarding tab, select Enable forwarding. 6. In the Forward to field, enter the URL to which you want to forward your domain names. 7. Select to redirect visitors using a 301 Moved Permanently or 302 Moved Temporarily HTTP response. 8. If you want to mask your domain, go to the Masking tab and select Mask Domain. 9. In the Masked title field, enter a short title that describes your Web site. In the Masked description Meta tag field, enter a description of your website. 10. In the Masked keyword Meta tag field, enter keywords that describe your page, separated by commas or spaces. Title and meta tag information is important to a Web sites search engine ranking, but it does not change the look of your Web site. 11. Click OK.