[FINISHED] WoMD Flower Hosting Livestream + 1b Stake at end

This is a finished livestream, i host these every so often and will usually give 30m mins notice :) READ: I assume EVERY person who bets will know the fishy rules, they are stated below. You will NOT be refunded if you didnt know the rules. Friend Chat: Fishy Host: The WoMD Games: Frosty Flowers – BluePurplePastel win 2 x your bet. Whiteblack plant = you win 3x your bet Poker – GIVE 5 SEEDS WITH YOUR BET OTHERWISE ILL ASSUME FROSTY FLOWERS! 5% of all pots will go to the host (me). 2 x tie = HOST win. Blackwhite plant its HOST win.

24 thoughts on “[FINISHED] WoMD Flower Hosting Livestream + 1b Stake at end

  1. Unsubbed – same as below. I used to love your videos but no, i don’t want to see your hosting vids.

  2. hey, how much would you sell 100m for? and if your keen to sell me that much would you do like item specs?
    say…. a ween set or something for a nice price ^^ get back to me pl0x hha

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