[FINISHED STREAM]Fishy FC Flower Hosting

FC: Fishy Host: The WoMD Games: Frosty Flower – I plant, bluepurplepastel = win 2x your bet… WhiteBlack = win 3 x your bet! Any other colours (hots) are host win. Poker: 5% of every pot goes to host – 2 x ties is auto host win.. blackwhite plant is also host win

24 thoughts on “[FINISHED STREAM]Fishy FC Flower Hosting

  1. Guys its easy to change ip, make it dynamic it will start changing each time you restart your router

  2. Ccan someone post rules as a comment back to this comment I want to start hosting:
    ——————————– hey to play frost flowers these are the rules

    —- thanks my fellow youtubers

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