[Finished] Hosting & Giveaways – Stokenut @ Fishy FC

-If this doesnt interest you thats fine, but please remember that over half the content on this channel is dicingstaking- Since returning to RS Ive been back to hosting a little. Streaming appears to be the thing these days so Im giving it a shot. There will be hourly dropsgiveaways.

21 thoughts on “[Finished] Hosting & Giveaways – Stokenut @ Fishy FC

  1. your facebook kept going off around the 3 hours fifteen minutes mark. thought it was mine. also. i hope Kazuma wins the raffle. i think he deserves it.

  2. Ffs Stokenut how come you removed the Crash Bandicoot and Sonic LPs? Those were great vids

  3. Dude calm down.. Its not that hard to just unsubscribe and not watch his videos anymore. Pretty pathetic how you even bring up his accent cause that really doesn’t matter at all

  4. Runescape will die. It is pretty much a premeditated fate seeing as it was bought by Insight Venture Partners, a company notorious for ruining online games to squeeze out a better profit margin. Saying "Insight Venture Partners" on the forums is now blocked. Jagex is not entirely to blame for these updates. Make a video letting everyone know who is REALLY behind these horrible updates. You and your sexy accent would have much more of an impact than another Falador Riot.

  5. Guys i made a guide on how to become a professional merchanter, its on my channel. Please check it out and rate it! :)

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