23 thoughts on “Finding the Domain and Range of a Piecewise Function

  1. Thank you so much 4 ur videos, u r such a gr8 help.
    I just have 1 question… Can you please write the domain and range in proper notation? Cuz this is how we r supposed to write it and I just wanna make sure it’s right…. ex. (XER| x<3)
    thx again :)

  2. how do you find the domain if f(x)=1 if x=0
    and f(x)=2x if x cannot = 0

  3. So if you do include the number you put a bracket but if you don’t it’s a parenthesis? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. How can you find increase, decrease, axis of symmetry, end behavior, y-intercept, zeros, and the constant of a piecewise function.

  5. THANK YOU. I wish I had watched this video like a month ago! I’ve been so lost with the damned domain and range!!

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