FEMEN "Topless Warriors" documentary w/ English subtitles

ENGLISH SUBS added! Click the CC-button (located on the bottom of the video screen, a bit above the number of the video views). The Finnish subs are hardcoded so I wasnt able to remove them, but the English subs ARE there, just bother to click the CC before complaining, folks! Thanks very much! Documentary from Finnish TV about the Ukrainian female rights organization Femen. Original by Olivier Kohler & Alain Margot More info on Femen: femen.livejournal.com

23 thoughts on “FEMEN "Topless Warriors" documentary w/ English subtitles

  1. "i don’t know what they’re protesting, but i’m inclined to support them."
    Not sure if trolling or just stupid.

  2. Yes I have heard addiction, aids, criminal government spending have all gone down hugely! The rest of the world should follow suit. All in all the war on drugs was misguided and wrong.

  3. If these femenists get their way, a fourth of all the women in Ukrania will end up being poor or living on the streets, due to having no job… I can understand that women in Ukrania should have far better options, but their are tackling the problem from a wrong angle I think. And also whom of those politicians could ever take them seriously when they are basicly advertising for sex touring, while saying: "Here is what you want but can’t have!" Or something stupid like that. -_-

  4. Since women already show off their bodies on a constant basis, I have a hard time respecting them politically.. I’d have a lot more respect if they were fat girls, ’cause then I’d know it’s not just some girls looking for an excuse to show off their bodies and actually have something to say. At this point, I’m just here to ogle their tits.

  5. I don’t understand the problem they have with sex tourism. Without sex tourism, the girls will not be able to afford to go to school, so they will be in a worse situation. I bet they have not thought about that. Idiots.

  6. You don’t think it’s problematic that in an allegedly democratic country women have little choice but to sell their bodies for an education? This is such a tired nihilistic argument you’re making, that one should be content with a situation because it’s not quite as bad as it could be.

  7. then those brilliant women should come up with a way for women to pay for school other then complain about sex tourism or making taxpayers pay

  8. What do taxpayers have to do with it? And yes, ideally there would be jobs for women, but in a country whose all-male government pimps out its female population whilst neglecting to legalise prostitution in order to regulate it and prevent human trafficking, what FEMEN are doing is the first logical step. What you’re talking about is a complex and long economic process which they, as women, do not have the power to implement. This is purely awareness, it needs to come from someone.

  9. I would be prepared to go topless with these chicks if they need me, I’m finding it very hard to concentrate and keep up with the sub-titles here, don’t know why, ???

  10. i am an American dude and I love these chicks. I hope they accomplish their goals. 

  11. well, i come from a land of many anti-male lesbians, and it doesn’t do them any good. they need allies, and since i’m not hurt, i just shrug. but you got a response. touché.

  12. Feminism can not exist, women must be submissive to men clear that violence is not submission, but respect must exist between them. The woman nai should work, but raising children to be good people regardless of gender or whatever it is.

  13. Feminism can not exist, women must be submissive to men clear that violence is not submission, but respect must exist between them. The woman should not work but raising children to be good person regardless of gender or whatever it is.

  14. See these girls are interesting. They claim to be feminists but they use their "allure and beauty" to accomplish their goals. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion, people can think for themselves. But I believe a more feminist approach would be to do that if only simply to normalize breasts, instead of continuing to sexualize them when their real purpose is breast feeding.

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