False Advertising: Media & Beauty

emPOWERme.tv is hosting a very special discussion with JAM Films and Natural Models LA to talk about how the media impacts our perceptions of beauty, self-worth and what is normal. JAM Films has created a documentary called "False Advertising" due out next year interviewing young women from LA about their perceptions of ideal beauty, dieting, Photoshop and the media. The goal of their documentary is to stimulate critical thinking about the media and how our society defines what is beautiful. Natural Models LA was founded by Katie Halchishick and Bradford Wilcox. Katie became a plus-sized model at age 17. After meeting Bradford, a personal trainer, she lost 50 pounds. She found herself having difficulty finding work as she didnt fit into the plus-sized or straight-sized categories anymore. She and Bradford decided to open Natural Models LA and to create the campaign Healthy is the New Skinny to change the way the industry views body image. Natural values models and their natural build and body size and encourage models to find a healthy balance in life and in their bodies. In this panel, we will be showing excerpts from the documentary "False Advertising" and chatting with the filmmakers, the women interviewed in the documentary and models from Natural Models LA about how media changes our ideas of beauty. Trailer for False Advertising: www.youtube.com Follow False Advertising on Twitter: @False_Ad Natural Models LA Website: www.naturalmodelsla.com Natural Models LA Promo <b>…<b>

19 thoughts on “False Advertising: Media & Beauty

  1. 2 Questions: What practical steps can we all take to begin to dismantle this false idea of beauty in our society? What can men specifically do to help?

  2. If magazines make us feel bad each time we read them, then why do we continue to pick them up and let them influence us? What is the appeal?

  3. i feel like a lot of stress women put on themselves is trying to show off to other women, not necessarily men

  4. I think the clothing choices women have effect us, too. Too short shorts and skinny jeans? Tight shirts and V-Necks? What ever happened to T-Shirts and Bootcut jeans?

  5. We don’t tend to think about the fact that "beautiful" isn’t just one specific thing…there are different things that make each of us beautiful, not just one ideal.

  6. @empowermetv I try not to take too much notice of stuff in magazines. It sucks when they call out celebs for having cellulite though! Come on.

  7. Ugh a couple of my naturally very thin friends have been accused of being anorexic even though they eat healthily. It’s hard either way.

  8. One of the reasons being skinny gathers so many viewers is because being "that" skinny is so difficult, and it portrays a sort of "clique" that only skinny people should be looking at this ad

  9. If that were true than there wouldn’t be any single women than. Men wouldn’t be obsessing over the women in the car/porno magazines. It’s a fact men are visual creatures. If anyone can point out physical imperfections better, it would be men. Now…with that said… men who are deeply in love over their female lovers, that’s a different story. In that aspect, I would agree with your comment over 1000%. However, for single men, your comment is a fantasy & they do take notice of imperfections.

  10. I don’t think it would be possible to change the concept of "ideal" beauty without offending people. Even if the media/culture made the switch from twig women to curvy women, you’ll still create a group of victims. I for one am not average. I’m under 4ft 11ins (average is 5ft 3in) & weight 132 Ibs, w/ thick butt & thighs w/ narrow hips & a belly (tribal woman body). We’ll just replace one group of victims w/ another. What needs to be done is to do away w/ superficiality all together & evolve.

  11. For jeans I have to wear husky boys size 14. They’re the only ones that have my hip to thigh ration measurements perfectly. For dress pants, I stick to palazzo pants or really wide legged pants so my thicker thighs could fit through & they would be comfortable. Always womens’ jeans & pants are beyond tight at the legs (bothers me a lot) but beyond loose at the hips. It’s awful & annoying. It really lowers ones self esteem. It’s bad enough I’m under 5ft tall, now I have to worry about legs too.

  12. Sorry… most men r children. Very few r mature enough to not judge one by appearance. Speaking of which, I knew about my body & looks when I was 3yrs old. I was treated differently & everyone pitied me because I looked like I had down syndrome or something to that nature. I then grew up, still hate myself. I look so different from anyone. I will never b normal or average. I’m too short, my frame can never b at BMI range, small breasts, narrow hips, big thighs, the list goes on. It’s horrific.

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