Facebooks Store in a Box for Internet Marketing

Go to: allthingsonearth.com The game changing "Facebook Store in a Box" allows anyone with a Facebook account to add a store to their personal Facebook account which is pre-stocked with over 300 items you can start earning commissions on immediately. Average store install time is 1-2 hours. Once it is installed, it is ready to start taking orders and making money immediately! We are also launching our shopping system add-on and tutorial that allows you to sell your own products in addition to the 300+ products we supply you with. Perfect for clothes designers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, lecturers, etc.. Facebook is the perfect platform to launch you business and internet marketing efforts because Facebook offers the possibility of your marketing campaign, launches, and events to go viral and grow exponentially. Many of you have 1000, 2000, 3000 plus friends on Facebook, and many of your friends have 1000+ friends. Facebook makes money because you have an account and friends, you might as well make money too because you have an account and friends! "Facebook Store in a Box" is one of the cheapest (under $100) and value packed way to launching your own store and internet marketing stream of income. We are teach and train you on how to evolve you store and refine your marketing to maximize your income. You better take advantage of this NOW! while it is cheap and easy to do. Its almost too easy and cheap right now. But I have a feeling Facebook may <b>...<b>