****Experience MLM, Affiliate Marketers needed****

Guys, Just to let you know upfront. This is not a job where you sign a w2. This is a real business opportunity, where you will NOT SPEND any MONEY.This is why the website is called www.TheFeeisFree.com . This programs is similar to MLM and and affiliate marketing. I am not here to ask you for any money, however I expect ZNZ cash to pay me a commission for signing you guys up. This is how it works.. You sign up and try a free membership with companies like Netflix, Blockbuster, Credit Report, etc.. and then I get paid 40 Dollars. Your turn around and do the same and then you get 40 Dollars ok? There was some confusion when I uploaded this video and I am sorry if I offended anyone. Again to get this clear, this is very similar to MLM, and Affiliate Marketing. Thank you guys and hope to see you in the next video. PS go to Greenbook.org and sign up for market research studies I am sure they have one in your area. They pay you cash right then and there.