18 thoughts on “Evolving Domains of Space/Times

  1. another paradigm popping metaphysical synthesis. I am starting to see the holistic picture of communications you paint. many thanks!

  2. With a co-created future, how many will survive, if there is more than one bad apple in the bunch? Remember that there is more than one in each unumbered group of variabilities.

  3. Multiple space/times being generated by nervous systems? Does this include worms and the like? Are there alternate universes inside the heads of the fish in my tank? Or are these space/times only experienced by my fish and inaccessible to my instruments?

    This sounds like a crazy new twist on the concept of metaphysics. Is there some sort of Godlike presence in this realm you speak of? I doubt you’ll answer, but I thought I’d ask.

  4. The room is the colour of a mirror today. I dont think I can shed any light on this, as Im still jumping around space/time and can not produced a reduced lexicon. The think is with this vid professor, is it tends to jump 2-3 subjects i.e space time- hunger etc…
    I think organic life perhaps as opposed to inorganic life, like a rock has some function like a black hole and that we practice some form of singularity. Numbers I dont think are as powerful as language, but the sets are of interest.

  5. The Space/Time model is actually life like and very real in nature that is robust with changeable outcomes.

  6. All conscious understand is first processed though primitive biological instrumentation and then labeled. To further understand the question of space time requires processing from instrumentation that would have to be connected directly to our consciousness. If humans ever get sexed with technology. I think its possible we’ll have a more meaningful understanding of the question and its possible answers. There will have to be a removal of all the primitive drives to focus the psyche. Maybe.

  7. I’m a little bit confused by that video, but I see the universe as an evolution from making sense of its self from the very small to the large, and the very short to the very long time frame. Some how it has made mathematics work thoroughly without breaking down (far as I know). Then I think I’m looking at the universe from big, small, long, and short because of me being human and putting it in that category. It is almost like the universe needs us to see its self in a way of making more sense.

  8. I’m going to go play some video games and try not to understand what you were talking about now. I think I wasn’t even on topic with my comment.

  9. If life exists then the whole universe must be alive and self aware. If what we perceive of as life is merely automatons or biochemical turbulence then we are not truly alive the way we think we are. There is no way for science to discern or answer this conclusively. Empiricism cannot say that life exists or not. A universe with life is equivalent to one where life is just an illusion, a very beautiful exotic kind of turbulence. It’s just like the free will debate.

  10. "If life exists then the whole universe must be alive and self aware."
    "If cheetos exist then the whole universe must be cheezy goodness."

  11. WHO said anything about a "co-creator"? The word "co-create" is a word used by Professoranton. I think the word "co-evolution" would have worked just as well. It simply means that within evolution it’s impossible to isolate one part because evolution is an interconnected web. PA’s also seems to imply that we are the first species with the ability to see evolution in this way and our understanding of it in some sense enables us to navigate the process cooperatively.

    Hope that is clearer.

  12. How does automated systems work? You have input – system – output. Output is determined by the input and the system. Determinists reduce human system to make it constant, non-changeable, un-organic, mechanical. This is done by imagining that human system is genes, "reproduction machine". Then they present culture as inputs, illusions for the system. When in fact system is cultural from beginning. We are determined to make chooses? We choose and then is determined?

  13. Simple equation D x S = T , so yes, one of the brothers would be younger. I like your thoughts on the organic v space time.

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