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Free Internet Marketing Training In June of 2011 I found myself laying in a hospital bed after having a mini-stroke. I was only 31 years old! It was during my stay in the hospital that I decided that there was more to life than "WORK." I was sick and tired of being stressed out all the time. After returning home from the hospital, I decided to build an Internet Marketing business. I studied hundreds of other successful internet marketers and applied what I learned. 6 months after returning from home I have recruited more than 300 people in to several different affiliate programs and home based businesses! I made a promise to myself and to my wife that once I "cracked the code" to Internet Marketing I would build a 100% free Internet Marketing Training website so that other people who were struggling could see exactly how I built my online businesses. And so, Financial Freedom University was born! Consider FFU my personal gift to you. Apply the strategies that I teach inside FFU and you WILL be successful in this industry. The philosophy and methodology that I teach have been proven to work time and time again. Its time to take back your life! http