Empower Network Leaders Alex and Erica

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12 thoughts on “Empower Network Leaders Alex and Erica

  1. Finally we hear from Alex!! :) Great to hear your story…. ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

  2. Thanks Kelvin … yes, he’s a bit of a dark horse isn’t he? He’d much rather be behind the camera … so if Alex can get in front of the camera, ANYONE can :)

  3. No doubt that Team Alex and Erica can help you reach your Financial Success…Great story…You both have come a long way… and this is just the beginning of your SUCCESS… And I am so honored to work with you guys. Love you both!!!

    Guys, CLICK the Link!!!! you won’t ever regret it.. Here’s to your Success!!! :)

  4. Wow, heartfelt and great video thanks. May I add one small observation please? Alex said,"we had nothing". You had, and have now a WINNING ATTITUDE. That carries a lot of weight. And in the end it works. Steve Kallock got a nice check in Oct and I am on the way. It could be contagious,………

  5. Thanks for that observation Bill … you are right, we certainly did have a winning attitude … and that is worth it’s weight in gold. And we love that it’s contagious … and now we have not only a winning attitude, but also a winning team! Love Team AlexandErica …

  6. Thanks Joy … it’s been one helluva journey! But it was worth it! Now we just want to teach this to as many people as possible so we can all simple BE FREE! That’s all … just get to that place where YOU control your destiny … no-one else!

  7. Wow, Alex and Erica…I would love to be on your team. As always, I adore the both of you even though I don’t know you!!

  8. That is the sweetest thing you could say … but you are on our "team" even if we didn’t sponsor you … we greatly value the spirit you bring to our group :)

  9. I liked when Alex says He’s so grateful for this business. I have been researching Empower Network trying to decide which team to join because I want to succeed and to do that I know Ill need good leaders. love your videos

  10. Thank you GingaNinjaCat (I LOVE that name!) There are many teams that can help you succeed, but what makes Team Alex and Erica so different is the TEAM support. We’ve built an entire community within EN dedicated to seeing everyone succeed. I look forward to chatting with you soon :) Erica

  11. Great story! Thanks for the inspiration that this is definitely possible for newbies!

  12. This is DEFINITELY possible for all and we are specifically looking after newbies. Because just a few short months ago we were TOTALLY new so we understand what it takes to get from zero to $10K/month.

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