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Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: March 22, 2012 Length of Class: 43 Minutes Tracks Web Marketing Prerequisites None Purpose of Class This class teaches students how to use Empire Avenue to promote their web properties. Chapters Introduction (00:00) Overview (02:11) Demonstration (10:21) Final Thoughts (37:16) Class Notes Introduction Empire Avenue is a "game" that allows you to ask others to promote your website and content. It has worked VERY well for Eli the Computer Guy Overview All users are considered "stock" Stock goes up and down in value. Empire Avenue uses a virtual currency called Eaves. You earn Eaves by: Receiving Dividends from Stock you Own, Buying Stock Low and Selling it High, Performing Missions, Buying Eaves with Dollars You connect all of your social networking accounts to Empire Avenue and then your stock value is based on how much social activity you perform. After a short time you will be able to "Create Missions" for other players. With these Missions you pay players to perform actions such as; liking a Facebook Page, ReTweeting a Tweet, Subscribing to Your YouTube Channel, etc. Final Thoughts EVERYONE is gaming social network marketing and it is creating a mess on the Web. Empire Avenue gives all of these people a "game board" to play on so that it creates less mess, and is much more effective. Eli the Computer Guys YouTube Channel went from 5000 views per day to 10000 in a week simply by using Empire Avenue <b>...<b>

16 thoughts on “Empire Avenue for Web Marketing

  1. Seems completely pointless. If I do the missions what do I get?

    Looks like another pointless marketing gimmick

  2. It is completely pointless, UNLESS you make money from web publishing or social media marketing. Basically you are getting free, HIGHLY effective traffic to your web properties. If you don’t care about promoting your blog, YouTube Channel, etc… then it is absolutely pointless…

  3. Still a little pointless though as it’s web publishers voting for and recommending other web publishers lol. You may be getting ratings – but so are they, by the same means, therefore not actually giving any advantage over others in the same field.

    If, say, 15 people decide to create a group and rate each other – yes they all have 15 votes, but are still on the same level against each other. That’s all this is (in simple form). Not much more than a pyramid-scheme-esque gimmic

  4. Surely the main benefit of doing this is through having people share your content through Facebook for example. The person doing the mission may no care much for your content, but their friends might

  5. It’s just a great way to increase your exposure through the fanbase of others. I like it

  6. You really strike me as an honest guy, and I wouldn’t have watched a video like this without the amount of detail and description you put in. It’s really amazing that you make videos like this, and I certainly hope you get more attention. I feel like this kind of stuff is under-appreciated. To the other viewers: No, I’m not from empire avenue or anything. I subscribed because I want to learn more about tech. and stuff.

  7. hey Bro thanks for your video but I have one question that How can we can convert those eves to my currency?

  8. Another gem in the mud of internet content! Believe me, if you’re trying to learn useful new stuff everyday about the net then you can’t go wrong spending a little bit of time watching some of Eli’s videos. No, I’m not in it for money, or Eaves, though either would be nice, just a new fan! Jason.

  9. I love these videos! I’ve been watching them all. So cool. Eli, how old are you? My girlfriend wants to know, she thinks you’re cute.

  10. Found your YouTube channel true Empireavenue ! Love Your channel ! 1 question, why can’t i create missions ?, thanks (share price 25)

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