24 thoughts on “Ellen hosting 2005 emmy’s

  1. Yeah, I had to catch up too. xD I was luckily able to watch all of the fifth season here on Youtube in time. :p
    As for my favorite character… hm. Charlie, but he died and stuff. xD So probably Sayid, Sawyer, and Hurley. 8D

  2. Charlie!!! Wow I forgot about him. I loved him. But one thing I didn’t get was that he was sucha good swimmer, couldn’t he escape? Oh well. I think I can catch up here. Thanks I didn’t bother checking here. :)

  3. Haha, yes. Hm. I’m pretty sure Charlie didn’t know how to swim. o: Unless I’m mistaken. xD
    And enjoy catching up. 8D

  4. auf ProSieben???!! Sie strahlen aber nicht mehr die Emmys auf dem Sender aus..oder?

  5. @X0ellenandportia0X And Ellen’s aunt Helen is there too! Next to Betty! The one with the light blue jacket!

  6. Isn’t that Portia next to Ellen’s mother at 0:03?!!!
    Love Ellen btw.. She’s has such a big heart!!

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