EDC Vegas 2013 Dates & On Sale Announcement

After hosting more than 320000 fans beneath the desert sky this past summer, Insomniac is excited to announce our return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 17th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival in 2013! Watch the video for event and on sale dates. We cant wait to see all of your smiling faces back in Las Vegas for the entire Official EDC Week of dayclubs, night parties, the conference, an awards show and more special surprises! For a list of all of our upcoming events please visit: www.insomniac.com Artist Clockwork Track: Titan Label: Mad Decent Clockwork "Titan" courtesy of Mad Decent www.maddecent.com purchase Clockwork "Titan" on iTunes bit.ly purchase Clockwork "Titan" on Beatport: bit.ly

22 thoughts on “EDC Vegas 2013 Dates & On Sale Announcement

  1. Got my tickets,Plane ride, now i just need the hotel, Saved $10k just for this epic moment

  2. just one more year (2014) and i shall join all you beautiful people under the electric sky <3

  3. The end of the world got POSTPONED !:) Which means we could all attend EDC VEGAS again ! <3 . But If i’m wrong and the world does end in December i’m definitely going to EDC 2013 as a zombie because i already bought my ticket! .
    So no matter wat ima rage! :) <3

  4. if only i had a ride! weird you cant go because your underage and i cant go because i cant drive.life sucks when your not at EDC:)

  5. EDC 2012 was my first and the most life changing experience I’ve ever had. Here’s to 2013 being equally as epic and the ability to share this experience with friends that I’ve convinced to go this year. <3

  6. Drove 7 hours to vegas with my best friends, spent all our money and had the time of our lives!!
    See you in 2013 EDC!!

  7. You know there was that one guy or girl that had to pause this video to do the math…
    Or only me… lol

  8. @4lifevintage actually they won’t be selling any single day tickets this year. :/

  9. Ah got my ticket. Las Vegas are you ready for Chicago crew to come and destroyyy?! :)

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