Eco-Harmony Kins Domain 1:1 This is the first of a series of videos on how to build a kins domain by actually documenting building two Kins domains in Dolan Springs, Arizona. A Kins domain was popularized worldwide from a 10 volume series of books by Vladimir Megre called The Ringing Cedars Series. http

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  1. The area where we are building the first Kins Domain is basically Las Vegas before Las Vegas. A huge dessert valley from Hoover Dam to Kingman, Arizona. One day the entire valley will be Kins Domains and Kins Communities starting with the 4,500 acres we have there now.

  2. Go ahead and don’t tell your friends about these videos…boy will they be mad at you when they find out you watched them and didn’t say a word!!!

  3. This is the first of the series? Wait, what about the one before this one?

  4. I’m glad he has the green book, those are my favorite. Black books are missing too much stuff. Can’t wait to see the transformation of his land!

  5. We’re working like bears to get this model Kins Domain done and every week the progress is huge. Soon we’ll launch the first 500 acre project and then the 4,000 acres.

  6. Go to the YouTube Channel that this is in and it is a series – or actually it’s "A Never Ending Story" and there is one video before this one.

  7. How true – everyone should be spreading the word far and wide about these videos.

  8. The later videos will really have you laughing – especially the ones with the miner from Brazil in them.

  9. All the footage and recording is done on site in Dolan Spring, Arizona and it’s never scripted out – we’re just telling the story as we go.

  10. And they will get better and better as we go on. This one was filmed by a professional photographer who does a popular realty TV show as his main work.

  11. This is "A Never Ending Story" with hundreds of videos to come documentary this entire journey.

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