E#248 Hosting Busted Open Monday!

Reby and I announce that were hosting pro wrestlings #1 satellite radio show, Busted Open, this Monday, February 6th, 2012. Hope you guys and gals can tune in Monday from 2-4 pm on Sirius 94 XM 208. Itll be worth it! www.twitter.com www.TheHardyShow.com http www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.myspace.com

22 thoughts on “E#248 Hosting Busted Open Monday!

  1. Matt, u rock! Please reply. Big fan. I remember being at no mercy ’07 when u had the pizza eating contest with mvp. That was so cool.

  2. lol what the crap was with that bunny. anyway, hope you guys have a good show


  3. lol what the crap was with that bunny. anyway, hope you guys have a good show


  4. The HATERS with the NEGATIVE comments are HILARIOUS!!! lol because those are the ones that ACTUALLY give matt so many views. Look at it like this: the haters hate (of course) and people see the hatred and they wonder why people (haters) dont like this guy? so they tune in to find out. WHICH EQUALS MORE VIEWS!!!! lol LOVE U MATT!

  5. hey matt i know your busy and everything but would you mind watching my tribute to you i just made my matt hardy tribute i think i might make a second one but i dont know my first one has the song headstrong for the music again i doubt you will but if you could just please please please watch my tribute to you and leave a comment on it to tell me what you think i would be FOREVER grateful right now my top goal as a tribute maker is to have a wrestler see a tribute to them give me their thoughts.

  6. great to see you in a good place Matt i really hope your troubles are behind you we all have that period where we are just lost a bit

  7. Wouldn’t go if I was paid to. You guys suck. CM Punk is a real wrestler and a better all around person than these losers. Go OD with Jeff.

  8. Hey Matt!! I am having a big science test tomorrow!! wish me good luck PLEASE and glad to hear you are doing good

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