Dueling Network Tournament! Episode 2: Hosting a tournament is hard work….

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION (I know its intimidating, but hey; its not a book) This is my first Dueling Network tournament that i hosted. there was 8 people but then two disconnected. there was 3 qualifying games then 2 premier games and a final game. The winner is funkass (dn name) www.youtube.comuserthefunkass The prizes were 11 kuriboh token for tourney winner, and 3 random dragon master knight giveaway to tournament contestants. There is a total of 13 episodes. I plan to make newer and better tournaments probably weekly ranging from single elimination to swiss, variety of decks to possible themes, prizes such as boxes, astral packs, cash and simple dn experience. The benefits of participating in a tourney is that normally you wouldnt face an a hole or a troll and its just all in good fun! More videos to come! thanks for watching, liking, sharing this video with your friends and subscribing! Add me as a friend on the dueling network! I love testing any type of decks. Interested in a video collaboration? PM me. hmm what else…? thanks for reading this? lol