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DNB Dance ► j.mp ◄ DJ Sappo - June 2010 - Artist Mix - Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV ============== Panda presents DJ Sappo. Hailing from Manchester, DJ Sappo has been one of the front runners in Drum & Bass for over a decade. Hosting a radio show on one of the most respected stations in Drum & Bass: BBC 1Xtra, he was able to weekly update listeners all around the world with the best new music. His creative ambitions have not limited itself to radio though: DJ Sappo produced music which has sold over 250000 records on labels such as V Recordings, Emtoive, World Dance, Flex, Formation, Rinse Out and Frontline before he finally launched his own imprint Advisory Records on which we can find one name we know well at Panda D&B TV: Mutated Forms. In addition to radio and production, Sappo has played at numerous festivals and clubs all over the UK and Europe in front of huge crowds, including events such as Global Gathering, Fabric, Kinetic, Movement, Metropolis, SE1, Hysteria, Manchesters Warehouse Project and being part of the Massive 1Xtra Bass tour. Sappo is a Drum & Bass veteran and has been a key role in putting Manchester on the Drum & Bass map. Forthcoming from DJ Sappo are the Drumstep remix of "Tickatock Bass" , "Circumference 2", "Get Shorty" and "Eagle and Tiger" featuring MC Trigga. In this artist-only mix, Sappo blends 8 of his labels latest and forthcoming tracks in less than 20 minutes. Lock in and please leave your appreciation for them in the <b>...<b>

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  1. You can dislike it, but thats what i think:
    BORING AS ALAWYS! Nothing special,nothing new, nothing catchy. That was my last time when i had any hope in listening to anything what had "panda" in title.And btw ur pathetic with putting chicks and combine with titles to get vievers… Its about music, not about pics or words…

  2. @TheRiceburna they take so long to start because that beginning is meant to help people mix them into each other. DnB is a very hard genre to mix. 

  3. Dear Youtube:
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    The Youtube Community
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  4. DJ Sappo – Virtual Reality (Dawn Raid Remix) <– somewhone upload it please i want to youtube convert that bad booyyyyyyy c;

  5. Why would I want to read or even think about Justin Bieber during a DnB mix..c’mon

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