domain continues to grow: EURid Event Report

With 3.2 million .eu domains registered after four years, the .eu European domain continues to grow and enables companies and private individuals to adopt a European identity on the web, according to participants at a conference in the European Parliament organized on 2 June 2010 for European domain registrar EURid. In order to fully take up on the opportunities offered by the global web, Europe still needs to overcome some challenges, especially in the area of security and privacy. Speaking in this clip are European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda), British conservative MEP Malcolm Harbour, Marc van Wesemael, general manager of Eurid, and others.

1 thought on “ domain continues to grow: EURid Event Report

  1. I myself have two .eu domain names (for future start-ups) left from initial 7 pre-registered in 2004, though I do not see people proffering or recognizing .eu as their primary domain name. Instead they still stick and prefer national domain names! It will take generation and lots of marketing (aka as propaganda) to change status quo!

    To much hype! Little consumer effect!

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