Domaining Power Course: Lesson #4 – Selling Domain Names

Professional Domain Investor Morgan Linton teaches new domain investors or "Domainers" how to buy, sell, develop, and monetize their domain names. Learn from some of our best investments and find-out how you can become a Domainer Investor whether you are a computer expert of complete novice.

15 thoughts on “Domaining Power Course: Lesson #4 – Selling Domain Names

  1. Awesome video once again, i had been using listing services like Godaddy, Sedo and Afternic but i think im going to try out your brokerage service for some of my domain names now.

    Once again great informative video … absolute pleasure to watch.

  2. you aren’t supposed to sit with your blazer buttoned. It’s funny to watch people try to act as if they have worn expensive clothes.

  3. depends how many buttons there is, lowest button should always be open, other closed.If you look from a adducated clothing/seewing -designers perspective.
    Thats the traditional way. Even indoor aswell as outdoor.

    Great video aswell ;)
    Info is first priority for me, secondary or less is cloth, just to comment on the post below ;)

  4. do you need to have a website behind the domain name or can you sell the actual name on sedo itself? please someone answer this question

  5. BrownLatina DOTcom

    LatinaCumSlut DotCom


    P-o-r-n-s DotCom all for sale at sedoDOTcom

  6. elwoodhaynescom is for sell on ebay with website tonight and search engine visibility buy it now for $600.00

  7. How important is the domain name? I have a domain that I would like to sell;
    it is i-schmooze (dot)com. Nothing on the web site really; I just wanted to know how much I can sell it for?

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