Domaining Power Course Lesson #3 – Domain Name Appraisals - Most budding internet entrepreneurs are looking for that perfect business opportunity to make a lot of money online. Buying and selling domain names is a great opportunity to do just that. Finding a good domain name can be like finding a million dollar home that has been foreclosed and is now selling for $50000. It can be a great investment. But for many people just starting out in this business, there are a handful of mistakes that just about everyone makes. Some of these mistakes are minor and can cut into profit potential, while others can put you behind bars. No joke. In this article I reveal these common mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Avoid These Domains at All Costs! While good domain names can be hard to come buy, do not make the mistake of buying a domain name that contains a lot of dashes. For example, [http While this might be a reasonable site you use if you are developing it yourself, the resale value of the domain itself is going to be minimal. Google recognizes domains with lots of dashes as lacking the authority of domains without dashes. This greatly effects the search engine optimization capabilities of this domain. It is best to avoid domain names with even one dash, as it is likely to drastically cut into resale value. 2. Find Domain Names With Less Than 20 Characters I use 20 characters as a rule of thumb, though this number is not set in stone. Generally speaking, domain names that have high value are going to be short and sweet <b>...<b>

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