Domaining Power Course Lesson #2 – Buying Domain Names - If you are looking for a way to supplement your income with an online business, you will want to consider domain flipping. It is an excellent way to make money online while still being able to keep up with a regular job and any other obligations you may have. The economy has made everyones finances a little tighter than they would like, but it has not seriously affected ones ability to make money using the internet to flip domains. It takes a little time and effort to learn how to do it effectively but its not rocket science. If youre not sure what domain flipping is exactly, the first thing to understand its pretty much the same thing as flipping houses. What people do when they flip a house is they buy a piece of real estate for one price and then turn around and sell it for a higher price. Sometimes they fix it up a bit in between and sometimes they just buy smart, knowing they can sell it for more than they paid for it. Flipping domains is essentially the same thing only youre dealing with virtual real estate. When it comes to domain flipping, you buy a domain name, register it and then either sell it again right away, or sit on it and let it generate income for you. If it is a fairly active website, you can just let it sit there and earn money while youre working your regular job. You may choose to buy a domain and then build a website that generates income. You may want to add content, pay per click advertising, an opt in email list and any <b>...<b>

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