18 thoughts on “Domain of a Composition of Functions, Example 1

  1. I haven’t seen integral notation before, I was taught to write it as: {xER|x=/=-1/2,1/3,0}. Meaning x is an Element of the Real numbers and cannot equal -1/2, 1/3, or 0. Nice video :)

  2. @ploik21 interval notation, not integral. what you are using is called set notation. both work! : ) 

  3. Thank you very MUCH!!! this video will help me a lot!!! i’ll sit for my exam on this nov 2nd….. TQ Mr,,,, :")

  4. @billfromtopgun Post-16? Like grad level math? I’m from the US, so I’ve never heard this phrase.

  5. @billfromtopgun Ah. I was thinking grade 16 when I read it, but now it makes sense. Thank you!

  6. @alreadytakenthe3rd I was only kidding though, that would be a pretty lazy way to teach. But these videos are pretty amazing.

  7. My teacher says we have to always simplify the function and when I do I never get the same domain :/ .. Like in this one I got the function -12x^2-x+1/x^2 and so the domain is x greater than zero :/ aren’t I supposed to get the same answer whether I simplify it or not ? Excuse my stupidity xD

  8. Love it! Very clear and well-explained!! Handwriting is easy to read! THANKS SO MUCH!

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