Domain Name Bidding War

TRAFFIC West 2009 featured the hottest bidding war in the history of recent domain auctions. sold for a hefty price to a heavy hitter in the domain industry. Watch the auction bidding in action, and learn who won the domain of 2Q 2009 at domain industrys regular US conference show, in Silicon Valley! Be sure to visit for more information!!!

24 thoughts on “Domain Name Bidding War

  1. You have to feel sorry for whoever spent that money on It’s got basically nothing there, current Google pagerank is a "4". For comparison, my daughter has a personal site that she almost never updates registered for a few bucks that has a page rank of "4". Wow someone wasted their money.

  2. BrownLatina DOTcom

    LatinaCumSlut DotCom


    P-o-r-n-s DotCom all for sale at sedoDOTcom

  3. it’s funny how losers with their garbage domains come here to advertise. Nobody’s going to buy your piece of S**T domains so stop trying so hard.

  4. Hey! go to ebay and buy the domain name! yes, this is my lame attempt at advertising. It will probably make you a great resale value!

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  6. hey im selling fratdrobe (dot) com on ebay! get it frat drobe? like frat wardrobe? so go chech it out! i get excited when i see ppl viewed it lol and if you really love my click like so ppl will see this more :P 

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