Domain Flipping – Part 5 of 7 – Backordering Domains - There seems to be no let up at all with domain flipping because it is as popular now as it has ever been. There is not a lot to learn with flipping domains, and that could be one of the reasons so many people want to get involved with it. While there is some information you want to know about before buying a domain, that knowledge is really not hard to find or learn. If you put the following domain flipping tips into action, who knows what kind of domain gold you can find. 1) The concept of the best domain can be subjective, and it all depends on your particular strategy once you acquire them. How you approach your own evaluation for any domain name is a learnable skill you must do. You should train yourself in such a way that a good domain name shouldnt escape your eyes when its available. If you are new to this, then one good idea is to visit popular domain auctions, GoDaddy has a lot of domains for auctions, and then you can just check them out. 2) When you register a new domain name or buy an old one, avoid those that have hyphens. This is because you want the search engines to treat your domain names well. Google does recognize names with hyphens but it wont give them the weight of a name without a hyphen. So, if you want to make sure the names you register are optimized correctly for the search engines, you should make sure that you do not hyphenate them. 3) Make sure you are fully equipped with accounts on all of the best registrars. GoDaddy <b>...<b>