Domain Flipping – Part 3 of 7 – Here’s How It Works (2) - Flipping domain names involves buying and selling domain names to earn a profit. First, you have to secure a good source of several, which are available and you can buy at a fair price. Finding a good site to deal in will require you to first do a bit of research so that you can identify the most lucrative markets. Using AOL Hot Searches and Google Trends, you can discover where the real profits lie. After this, take a look at Google AdWords and see if there are any connected results. If this is working your way, then you are on the right path. If not, then give it another try. After this, you should head to a domain searching site. Name Boy and Instant Domain Search are some good examples of sites you could use. At sites like, you can purchase sites that have just hit the market. After that, look to sell the domain at sites like Go Daddy. After signing up, you will be able to practice in the selling and buying of domains, sometimes at a discount - if you have a coupon. Selling the domain name you have bought can be done at sites like eBay. Registering with eBay will set you up for this quite well. Good listings will have to possess appraisal value. On Name Boy, there are some free service provisions. If a page is currently operational, the traffic will need to be listed and the potential bidders will have to be advised accordingly. Making money through flipping domains is a good way to grow rich today. The point is to buy at a cheap rate <b>...<b>