Domain Buying Tips 5.0 | To Hyphen or Not to Hyphen

Domain Buying Tips and more at... Click for other helpful tips, useful info and unique content. ============================================= To Hyphen or Not to Hyphen One way to snag a domain you might not otherwise be able to get is to use a hyphendash. EG: "" is gone, but you might be able to get "". So should you? In a word... NO! Its not because hyphens are bad. You can still rank a site with dashes, contrary to the admonitions of some "SEO gurus." No, you shouldnt because... Youll be fighting an established site for ranking. You can end up doing more for the other guys brand than yours. Worse yet, people will forget the hyphen and end up at the other guys site anyway. Hyphenate domains are a bad idea all around. ============================================= Did you like this Domain Buying Tip on whether to use a Hyphen or Not? If so, please GIVE US A "LIKE" andor share with your friends andor leave a Comment. Thanks! We greatly appreciate it. For more Domain Buying Tips, visit our YouTube Channel at -- This video can be found at -- Video Marketing by -- VidWiz.Biz