Domain Buying Tips 1.0 | Get a Descriptive Domain Name

Domain Buying Tips and more at... Click for other helpful tips, useful info and unique content. ============================================= Get a Descriptive Domain Name You need to have a domain that describes what you do and, if possible, where you do it. EG: "". This helps a lot, because Google rewards descriptive domain names with faster and better ranking, especially locally. Vanity domains (ie "") are largely worthless by comparison: they mostly only help you get found by people who already know about you. You want to be found by more than just your current customer base, right? NOTE: If you already have a website and domain, thats OK. You can have more than one (and its actually really smart, too). ============================================= Did you like this Domain Buying Tip on purchasing and Descriptive Domain Name? If so, please GIVE US A "LIKE" andor share with your friends andor leave a Comment. Thanks! We greatly appreciate it. For more Domain Buying Tips, visit our YouTube Channel at -- This video can be found at -- Video Marketing by -- VidWiz.Biz