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  1. Is it just my computer or do you have this thing set to not play sound if someone fast forwards? This is pissing me off.

  2. Damn gotta sit through 7 minutes of this before you get to some examples outside of the 5th grade. Then god forbid if you have to fast forward or rewind the sound cuts off. Man I really hope this is my computer or you got this set up like this just to be a prick and so everyone has to listen to that monotone voice.

  3. @KeepItRBL I think it’s your computer,. I tried fast-forwarding and mine works fine. Besides, if you click the CC button right underneath the time bar, or whatever you call it, you get annotations and you can just read what he’s saying.

  4. @sanbi221 Thanks, and ya it was. I was just being a grump my computer wasn’t working right.

  5. for question 6 wouldn’t -4 squared minus 5 equal to negative 9? how did you end up with negative 1 if when you square negative 2 you end up with a negative 4? which equals to negative nine since you are adding two negative together which equals a positive. Negative 4 minus negative 5 equals to negative 9. Anyone else end up with the same answer as this guy? it does not make sense

  6. @SuperBlackbeauty19

    When you square negative (-2) you do not end up with negative 4. (-2) squared is the same as (-2) x (-2) which = 4. When you then take 4 minus 5, you get -1. So mr Khan is very right.

  7. i love you so much. you have 200k subs and from what it seems, you can almost live off the money you get form advertising to 200k subs. but you dont. all non profit. you wanna help people!

  8. Thanks man, I’ve searched for hours, had my teacher explain and used my 200 dollar book and I was still confused. I understand it now, thanks a lot!

  9. thank u soooooo much!
    my teacher just did her degree and we the Bscs sem1 are her first experince of teaching and our worst and we dont get n e thing she says especially me im really slow in maths ….but i understand now

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