Does Google support cross-domain rel="canonical"?

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4 thoughts on “Does Google support cross-domain rel="canonical"?

  1. Thx Matt.. I think I got this confirmation from one of google blogs or something a while ago. Anyway glad to know that people aren’t abusing this killer feature that much. That’s a relief!

  2. Hi Matt. Your videos are so incredibly helpful. You have a way of being very clear and concise in your teachings. One of my favorite subscriptions by far. Google everything always!

  3. Yeah, I agree. This google videos are really very useful. Very clear and very good points.

  4. How does Google algorithms handle a situation where two separate domains have duplicate content but they both have the rel=canonical link element and Where Site A is the original source of the content but has less authority and Site B publishes the same exact content later in time but has more authority?

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