4 thoughts on “Do People Really Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

  1. I have a serious question for you that has nothing to do with candles: Do you find that affiliate marketing is seasonal, or can it be successful year round?

  2. Some niches in affiliate marketing are seasonal, such as diet-related offers doing well in early January, before spring break, etc. And gift baskets, flowers, etc. are big only on big gifting holidays. But I promote things, such as gadgets and business products and services that are year round.

  3. Did you read The Verge’s article "ScamWorld"? I think that may have been a possible answer to the question about liars in affiliate marketing. Where did you get your figures of monthly income for average affiliates? I reviewed the Affiliate Summit 2009 YouTube vid along with a SlideShare presentation that was not recorded in the vid. The forecast were interesting; however, it didn’t answer a lot of specifics that need answers. I am considering the business and need a model. Can you help?

  4. Yes, I did read it. It’s important to note that the article was about a small group of people in information marketing, which is just one part of affiliate marketing. There is also the revenue share affiliate programs, which are at virtually every online retailer, as well as CPA networks. The income is based on my inferences as an affiliate for 15 years, and affiliate manager for ten years. Feel free to ask a question at AskShawnCollins (dot) com.

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