Do Not Join Global Domains International – Why Most Affiliates Fail Top sponsor Russ Howe reveals why you should not join Global Domains International as most GDI affiliates fail to make any money with their GDI business.

5 thoughts on “Do Not Join Global Domains International – Why Most Affiliates Fail

  1. Global Domains International is a great online business but yes, so few affiliates actually make it work. The steps here will help a ton, but before you join GDI you have to be sure you actually want to become your own boss.

  2. Excellent advice. Too many people jump straight into this business and then quit after a week or a month. It’s low cost but it doesn’t mean it’s instant riches. Good advice

  3. I use WS affiliate network to build my GDI, great little system and with Russ is a shining example of how easy GDI can be if you screw your head on.

  4. I wish more people would think this clearly before joining Global Domains International. I made the same mistake when I first joined two yrs ago of course. Think clearly, set your long term plan and most importantly don’t join a team promising money for nothing. Love it Russ, you’re regarded as a top sponsor for obvious reasons my friend.

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