DLHQ Pat Sajak Interview 1/24/12

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21 thoughts on “DLHQ Pat Sajak Interview 1/24/12

  1. @5:49 if that story is true and Vanna had a mean itch to scratch between her booty just before that, Pat should have gotten an erection while walking on stage!!!!

  2. @tommyjimster LOL and what made it funnier is the fact that he put two fingers up to his nose at that part

  3. Lebatard has a radio show in Miami that I’ve listened to for years and Pat and Dan are friends. Pat has been on a bunch of times and it was all in fun. Don’t be so serious.

  4. I wondering what this will do for Wheel Of Fortune, Will the show stay on or get off the air?

  5. I was thinking the same thing. They impress me more than meeting a celebrity from today. Those two are legends.

  6. Why did everyone make a biggie about him drinking on the show 100 years ago!!! Ppl just like to make headlines.

  7. completely agree. how can u just brush off jimmy stewart and lucille ball? theyre acting legends…hell im 18 and i know that was completely out of line on his part.

  8. Not sure why anyone would grant this LeBatard fellow an interview. Apparently he only cares about celebrities who haven’t reached the legal age of consent.

  9. I can’t wait until this giggling jerk gets old so people can laugh about him the way he disrespected Jimmy Stewart and Lucille Ball. Nobody stays young forever, so let’s see how he likes it. At least people have heard of THEM. I never heard of him until this interview, have you? He treated Pat Sajak like a joke, but he’s the friggin’ punchline. Moron!

  10. I watch the show daily the way this interview was conducted is how every interview is conducted. Unless, it’s someone that just doesn’t fit this style i.e Gina Carano which was a terrible interview. Sajak was epic and got the show much needed pub. Ya’ll who didn’t watch till this video…..watched.

  11. Pat has been an icon IMO, I loved it when he appeared on Jeopardy, he ruled at it and he did a great job hosting. But lately if you watch Wheel daily like I have been since I was 3, Pat looks demoralized, he doesn’t look into it, he has not been the same since my #1 all time favorite announcer Charlie O"Donnell has died, and he has not been excited since Jim Thornton has arrived, but more importantly he looks depressed. Even though I’m repeating one of Stephen A. Smith’s Knick rants, it’s true.

  12. Pat Sajak and Dan Lebatard have been friends for a while. He use to have a weekly segment on Lebatard’s radio show.

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