Digital Impact: Two Secrets To Online Marketing Success

online-behavior presents Geoff Ramsey,CEO and co-founder of eMarketer and co-author of Digital Impact The Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success (with Vipin Mayar, EVP of McCann Worldgroup) ,In this amusing talk, Geoff Ramsey, explains the two issues facing online marketers: Lack of adequate metrics and measuring systems to drive online performance. The question of how to engage consumers. Todays consumers have a short attention span, often consume more than one type of media at once, and are more resistant than ever to advertising messages. In answer to the first question, Ramsey defines todays advertising model as using Magnetic Marketing. The concept of Magnetic Marketing is marketing sources that users want to look for more of. Magnetic Marketing is defined by five criteria: Unique Useful Well executed Fun Does it make good use of the particular marketing channel? If a campaign functions well as a Magnetic Marketing campaign, not only targeted consumers will respond to it, other consumers will as well. In terms of the metrics for measuring success, Ramsey defines a trapezoid shape which explains the 7 metrics that need to be measured in order to see the Exposure levels, the strategic levels, and eventually lead to being able to measure ROI. Watch Digital Impact: Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success - Part 2 Watch an Interview with Geoff Ramsey About Geoff Ramsey, Co-founder & CEO, eMarketer Geoff Ramsey is one of the most exciting visionaries in digital <b>...<b>

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