Digital Impact: Two Secrets to Online Marketing Success Part II presents the continuation of Geoff Ramseys talk (see Part One), he offers guidelines for using social media, video, and mobile to spread magnetic content. He discusses the merits of social media, explaining that it gives the company a tremendous resource, calling social media response "a focus group on steroids." Geoff offers an anecdote, saying that his son had bought a product which was defective, and they spent countless hours talking to the telephone support staff with no positive results. He then decided to tweet the company name and a brief description of the problem, and was given a solution within four minutes. Also discussed is the TurboTax initiative which asks users to publicly rate the software on Facebook and Twitter. Ramsey explains that Consumers are more likely to be swayed by recommendations from friends and acquaintance, and reminds companies not to remove negative comments because they lend authenticity to your social campaign. He discusses video as the perfect opportunity to express your companys story. Customer testimonials are more engaging when there is a real person behind the customer. Ramsey recommends creating "how-to videos that inform, educate, or train." He cites the example of USG which makes sheetrock and created videos explaining how to use sheetrock. He describes "Will it Blend?" and says that sales for home use have risen by 700% since the video series began. Orabrush created a business overnight through a $500 <b>...<b>