Demi Lovato Hosting 2012 Teen Choice Awards? - Wave 1 of TCA Nominees! - Wave 2 of TCA Nominees! - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Is Demi Lovato set to host the 2012 Teen Choice Awards? Thats the buzz around town and ClevverTV has the breakdown. Demi Lovato is currently in the midst of her summer tour after wrapping up several audition days for next season of "The X-Factor." And today new rumors are surfacing that have Demi pegged to host the upcoming Teen Choice Awards on July 22nd. While we can confirm the fact that Demi is nominated for several TCAs, there is no confirmation on the "Unbroken" singer serving as host for the big televised event. Based on Demis tour schedule, she would potentially be free to headline the Teen Choice Awards and we think shed make a great choice. Let us know what youre hoping for by commenting below. To see a full run-down of this years nominees, click the link below. Im Joslyn Davis at the CLevverTV studio in Hollywood, thanks for watching! Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

24 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Hosting 2012 Teen Choice Awards?

  1. Demi is rumored to host TCA 2012.
    Can you imagine what will happen if this is true!?
    Selena will probably win an award.
    Which means that Selena will probably stand next to Demi.
    Which means Delena – Epic Delena.
    Imagine, if Selena jokes with Demi, it’ll be like a re-run of Demi reconciling with Selena at the MTV Music Awards from last year.
    I love Diall, but ^THIS is what I think of when I think of Demi hosting the TCA’s. That and….Epic Demi time, but that’s just me.

  2. Good news Lovatics: Fox confirmed it: Demi is hosting the Teen Choice Awardds!!!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!!! :D :) :)

  3. It’s official! Demi is hosting the Teen Choice Awards! She confirmed it on her facebook page (:

  4. OH YEAH DEMI really host dont u know WAAA !! And guys Vote Demi everyday in Teen Choice Award 2012 Yesss !!

  5. So…than i guess i will have to rip his head off ,cut his body and throw it in the garbage!

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