Deck the Halls for Charity

"Holiday fever has struck at Rackspace! During the holidays, we like to do cheerful things like: make a crazy video and help folks in need. Each time our video is viewed, $1 per unique view up to $10000 will be donated by Rack Gives Back. All views will be counted by December 31, 2012 — so enjoy the video, share, and give back!"

19 thoughts on “Deck the Halls for Charity

  1. hahaha Pretty cheerful indeed.. Thanks for the donation and the happy smile you drew on my face! Happy Holidays Rackspace..

  2. Fun video…. I am so glad my son is a Racker. He is always sharing with everybody his pride for Rackspace and the many creative & good things your company does for your employees and the community. Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. It’s so nice to know that even though you continue to grow in numbers your spirit grows with you.. Keep up the good work!

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