Dark Souls PvP- Hosting in the Burg: Session 1 (2/2)

Sorry for the late conclusion of this session. It kept failing. It was Picard face palm worthy.

15 thoughts on “Dark Souls PvP- Hosting in the Burg: Session 1 (2/2)

  1. problem with katanas is not always the weapon but people that use it. they´re too good and too easy to use so people who use them are typically there to win. not to duel but win. meaning they generally also have hornets multiple stacks of wog and gc and 99 divines. katanas have pretty much same stigma attached to them as masks and bkga.

  2. i am disappointed that i wasnt in any of these four vids in the burg, i was the egghead pyro and it was an insane match but oh well i guess. i need to finish my hw so i can set up some recording equipment cuz otherwise i doubt getting on here

  3. i’ve already told you dude, you didn’t even fight this character, so you were never gonna be in this session. I don’t know why you keep asking. Your fight is coming. Be patient.

  4. I don’t get the incessant need to win by any means necessary. You don’t learn anything fighting like that

  5. i never try to backstab because i’m really bad at it but i worry that my way of trying to avoid getting backstabed looks like i am fishing

  6. Good video, I agree everyone is so judgemental/opinionated about weapons,armor,poise etc,etc. It would get really boring if all players had flippy no poise builds. Its fun to diversify builds.

  7. I’d like to thank you. Watching a bit of your PvP videos convinced me to legitimately give PvP a try despite not being a very competitive person, and I think it’s actually pretty fun even though I’m trash. Plus, thanks to your walkthrough videos, I’m now having more fun trying to beat the game than I ever had before, even while without coop. So, thank you.

  8. no problem. everyone has to start somewhere. you’ll be improving in no time at all.

  9. Sera, you need a new build bro. Try something else!! I want to see what you can do, like a dual katana zero poise build or something. I love mine

  10. I have plenty of builds and I play them regularly. There is a reason this says first session and that’s the same reason I’m not rocking zero poise and stupid builds. Players only do that when they’ve pvp’ed for a long time

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