Dark Souls PvP- Hosting in the Burg: Session 1 (1/2)

This is my first adventure into hosting in the undead burg. This includes both wins and losses and the only editing, is the wait times between. Its a different pace to standard invasionsforest encounters, so I hope you enjoy the change.

24 thoughts on “Dark Souls PvP- Hosting in the Burg: Session 1 (1/2)

  1. thank you very much, i call myself an "anti-pyro" of sorts cuz i love taking in any good pyro play styles and combine them into my own. i honestly want to see this from someone elses view so bad cuz ive NEVER seen anyone besides myself use the fire surge not locked on and ive heard and thought it would look crazy. i hope within the next month ill be able to get my recording software up cuz doing this looks like so much being able to showcase ur self here.

  2. Awesome pvp :D i might try pvping in the burg now, as before i was solely kiln, and just fighting DWGR giants :D

  3. @TheSeraphim17 its hard dude. i can barely hit it 50% of the time. the hardest parry time (for me) is the rapier running attack. ive mamaged to parry it once. felt like a boss though.

  4. If i can offer a tip, on this, or maybe a new build, get your intelligence up to 14, so you can use hidden weapon, as hidden weapon + a great scythe is absolutely lethal :D

  5. i like the look, but that might have something to do with the fact that its my character

  6. Msg me on Xbox? GT: Ohh Good Effort, I’d like to fight later :) if you don’t mind

  7. At about 18 mins 30, it looks like a big arrow pointing out of your head. It appeared as you were casting the pyromancy.

  8. i disagree. sure, a turtle is a nuisance, but someone who spaces well and has good timing is everything to do with skill, it’s just frustrating to fight someone like that

  9. they are both intrisincally the same and only really influence anything in high numbers.

  10. Wow, the articulacy displayed here is quite immense. I enjoyed all of your commentary and watched straight through to the end, quite the impressive feat on a 22 minute video. Well done, man.

  11. When creating a new character it doesnt get a new sleek. If u sinned and been indicted on a previous character that gets added on your account.

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