Dark Souls – Hosting in the Burg: Session 2 (2/2)

One man stood his ground on the battlefield. This is his story. NOTE: the second sections to my first session will be uploaded. it just keeps failing for some reason.

23 thoughts on “Dark Souls – Hosting in the Burg: Session 2 (2/2)

  1. it depends. i usually get on about 12pm – 4/5 am. i get a lot of american traffic that way

  2. It could be more easy to balance the game in other ways… its kinda ridiculus that a light/medium shield can parry an oversized weapon… then you may take off backstabs from these weapons… you may make backstabs and parries harder to get and less effective!

  3. No, because the game is already balanced and would still be balanced if the parrying was changed so that it didn’t have a delay.

    The main unbalanced things about the game are that resistance does practically nothing, backstabs are too easy to do and how magic is so painfully slow and ineffective.

  4. Actually parrying the katana’s are easy, parry as soon as they start their swing(you can also just let them take one chop on you with the katana and they usually attack again, so just let the first hit you and then hit the parry)

  5. in NO lag condition, as we were speaking, backstabs wouldnt be a problem… if you’re talking about how game actually is, i agree with res and backstabs, but magic (i think you’re referring to sorceries)… no, it isn’t ineffective at all! lag, and the shameful damage, can compesate pretty well for the slowness; without considering that in the right hands, magic can be deadly as hell… ps and i almost forgot dark magics :D

  6. have the same problem with female characters. it even hinders me from playing bayonetta which is a great game. so i have to play devil may cry 4 :)

  7. Hey dude when u said u can’t stand playing as a female character, how annoyed where u when u had 2 play as Rachel in ninja gaiden sigma?

  8. Great Dark souls stuff, but to my experience in half the games I have played female characters are generally a little better, but perhaps it is a preference thing

  9. Sorcery is easily dodged by any decent player. Also backstabs just need to be changed in some way. I bet most ‘PVPers’ agree.

  10. i dont like you nor ur videos BUT i agree with this almost completely. From what i’ve seen of the new content it looks like bs wont be so bad now simply because of dwgr nurf

  11. i agree too about backstabs… i was just saying that sorceries are not so weak, but i think you know that: you use magic pretty well in one of your video xD That’s my point; skill can compensate for a lot of thinks… Once i faced a guy in the burg who was amazing to free aim sunlight spears!!

  12. Thanks for watching my video XD. That is funny because I have always had a hunch that sunlight spears could be good if one knew how to free aim with them. The hitbox on them is insanely big and the DMG is also mad. =P

  13. If you ever get bored of the high level burg duels, take my place as defender of the burg.

  14. It’s a little late(seeing I have watched this video alot), I would like to thank you for the kinds words. I had great fun fighting you and look forward to are next fights.

  15. it’s all good. I don’t blame you for watching it back a lot, as it’s a unique position to be in when you are able to watch yourself fighting. I learn a lot from seeing how i react, the things i should have done, etc.

    You’ll probably run into me in the burg with my elite cleric armour. that build was muled, so i can experiment with all kinds of weapons. No more chaos blade/scythe every round.

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