CSS3 Rounded Corners Web Design Tutorial – Dreamweaver

Host Unlimited Websites For $3.88 ! bit.ly Unlimited Hosting, Free Domain, MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSL, FTP, Stats, $150 google adwords, E-Commerce Included, Dreamweaver Ready, 30 Day money back guarantee In this Dreamweaver Tutorial by James at www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk We will learn how to make the new CSS3 Rounded Corners to make our web pages look more bespoke. Link to the Free Download will all of the Rouned Corners CSS3 Rules bit.ly In the download you will get: 1 x web page with all CSS3 Rouned Corners Rules. Designed by myself with my Hard Work for you to keep and most importantly learn how to used rounded corners css. You will learn how to make curved corners css and the curnved corners will be make using CSS3 styling which is in the last phase of processing and is currently working on most Major Browsers except IE and Opera. I have used html rounded corners on my designs for the last 10 months but now they are about to be release I have made a tutorial showing you how to utilise the curved edges css in your own website designs. My Dreamweaver Tutorial Website: www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com My RSS Feed for Tutorial Updates: www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk I hope you enjoy this dreamweaver tutroail on css3 rounded corners and if you have any questions please leave a comment for me to respond. James

24 thoughts on “CSS3 Rounded Corners Web Design Tutorial – Dreamweaver

  1. IE is so useless that it doesnt support it. IE9 will have support when its on full release in the spring. you can use a rounded corners hack for IE (google search) but why bother, IE users deserve what they get.

  2. Hey,Thank for the Tutorial.
    In Mozilla woks perfect, but (with me) in the other browsers I have a problem,not appearing the round corners.
    Any idea?

    I still haven’t look at the rest of your tutorials more around your website,but looks evreything is very helpfull.

    Let you know with Comments.

  3. Hey again,
    after dobble checking and restart computer…realized that only Opera and IE don’t show my round corners..

    Thank again for the Tutorial

  4. Hey again,
    after dabble checking and restart computer…realized that only Opera and IE don’t show my round corners..

    Thank again for the Tutorial

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the great video tutorial, this was exactly what I was looking for! Keep it up!

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  7. Now we’re into 2011 has this changed at all. Do you still need to do the moz and webkit versions? While I’m at it, I want to create ecommerce shops for people. What software do you recommend?

  8. you don’t need to do it for the latest versions of chrome and firefox but you will still need to do it for people who have not updated their firefox for a while and for other gecko based browsers. Im going to do an update soon so people know where they are. If someone asks me for a shop I tell them if they are serious about it then they should go with a paid service like bigcommerce or volusion because they give you great analytics and handle your stock take and stock re-orders.

  9. and image would validate, be cross browser compatible and not need to have browser specific work arounds. Is it just that images are hard? or that you’re just showing an alternative to images?

  10. great video.

    i am using dreamweaver to start my site, i am a begginer.
    how can a create rounded corners in menu´s and sub-menus intreaccions to make them slide-show but with some effect, slide, fade etc. ?

    thanks for the video.

  11. Thanks.
    I created a website through Mybusybiz and I might create another one using dreamweaver.

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  13. Dude.. You don’t need to write all the -moz-, -webkit- prefixes! Just write border-radius!!! It works.

  14. Actually you are wrong. This video was made 2 years ago when you could not just declare border-radius. Declaring border-radius on its own will work in all of the latest versions of the most popular browsers but for older versions of mozilla firefox and safari and opera you will need to declare the webkit, moz and -o prefixes.

    The order to specify is:


    where the fallback follow the main declaration

  15. if you want to cater to new browser users only, yea sure you are not wrong, but some people refuse to update and by declaring just border-radius and not the respective engine code (moz and webkit) you run the risk of those users not being able to see the affects. It is always best to try and reach as many users as possible.

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  17. hi cool video!

    how do i export just the code to import it into another coding programm?

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