Crushing It With You Tube – Insight Tutorial, Affiliate, Marketing, Video marketing strategy Click link on left to order "Crushing It With You Tube" Crushing It With You Tube In the area of internet marketing you hear a lot of talk about the Social Networks, You Tube, and Web 2.0 sites. Being on Face book is like opening up a hotel registry, you will find all kinds of people in it. Everyone is looking for something or someone. It has been the fastest growing areas for the past couple of years. Marketing on You Tube is in full swing, and Internet Marketers are still learning what works and doesnt. If you are new to this field then you need not feel like you are late to the game. You will be able to pick up quickly the basic information that is needed to start you with "You Tube" marketing. As with all new endeavors, there is a learning curve that we all go through. Starting with Crushing it With You Tube will give a good running start, and provide the needed info to set your gears in motion. Putting the first video onto "You Tube" can be a little scary. But just remember that it does take practice to make anything work well. Putting up one video is not going to make you a millionaire, or drive hoards of traffic to your site. You need to create several, with each one covering a little different area of the same subject. Once you have done that, and have submitted your first few videos you can move on to the next step of learning how to curate videos and take advantage of other peoples work, using them as stepping stones to increase traffic <b>...<b>