CRASHDIET – Cocaine Cowboys [Official Music Video]

DIRECTED BY: RICK-Y First single off the new CRASHDÏET album "The Savage Playground" out January 22 - 2013 PRE-ORDER HERE Follow us on FACEBOOK

22 thoughts on “CRASHDIET – Cocaine Cowboys [Official Music Video]

  1. That punch made me laugh, probably because it’s like one of the worst fake punches :)
    Love this song, have it on repeat!

  2. Is that Simon sitting in the blue suit ???? The one that Eric hits with the Bat !!!!
    Even with the fake beard and the dark hair,it looks like him !!!! Crashdiet Rocks !!!!!

  3. It’s never been the same without David. I’m so glad i had saw them before he died.

  4. My favorite songs from Crashdiet

    1. In the raw
    2. Die another day
    3. Chemical
    4. Riot in everyone
    5. Tikket

  5. so far only announced March 30 in Colorado…looking forward to more dates next week.

  6. Hell yes they are coming to Colorado!! I can’t wait to get my Simon fix!! :)

  7. OMG love you Simon!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! Come back to Melbourne, Australia please!!!!!!! :D

  8. The song is ok, but putting those pentagrams on the kickdrum skins was a really bad move. Motley Crüe made that a very specific trademark of theirs, so it comes off as either a blatant rip-off, or just laziness to come up with something original.

  9. If you look closely you will see it’s actually the Crashdiet logo but with a pentagram instead of the middle X.

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