Couchsurfing Hosting Couchsurfers talk about hosting creating a profile, meeting Couchsurfers, sharing cultures, connecting with people and making life long friends. Imagine having an interesting friend wherever you go — whether thats 2000 miles away, or right in your hometown. With millions of members in over 230 countries and territories around the world, Couchsurfing is blazing the trail towards a better, friendlier world where people who are different from one another can find their similarities. We are a community, and we are a movement. If you believe that all types of people can share fun, trust, and friendship, then you belong here. When you join Couchsurfing, you tap into our network of welcoming people worldwide. You can share your hospitality and experience your city through new eyes by offering travelers a place to stay on their journey. You can bypass the typical hotel experience by staying at the home of a local and learning about their culture. You can join cool and interesting people for anything from a bike ride to a party using Couchsurfing Activities. And you can meet up with new people, whether at home or while traveling, for inspiring experiences and new friendships.

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