CMA Awards hosting auditions is serious business!

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are surrounded by some interesting characters during a long day at CMA Awards hosting auditions...

22 thoughts on “CMA Awards hosting auditions is serious business!

  1. Carrie acting disgusted with Mickey and Minnie, haha!! This video is so filled with irony! It just doesn’t get any better than this. Long live Country music!!

  2. I am so sick of Carrie Underwood! The girl is not a star anymore! Carrie has not won one award in 2011! NOT ONE AWARD… She had to cancle her concert tour from no one showing up in 2011!. That is not a star!

  3. Ha Ha finanly other’s know what I know that Carrie is done in country music!

  4. Um Carrie has been working on her 4th album all year long. She wanted to take a year off. She wanted to take a year off to be a wife. She doesn’t need awards. Did you know last year she played for over 1 million fans? Carrie is more of a star then you are. She works her butt off EVERY YEAR! She had a #1 song with Brad this year…. How many #1 hits did you have this year? Carrie is better then you will ever be.

  5. @Mine2955 I don’t know if the cancellation of the tour is true because you didn’t even spell cancel correctly making it unreliable. Apparently, she didn’t win any awards last 2011 simply because she was only nominated in one category which is the Female Vocalist of the year. She wasn’t even nominated for Entertainer of the year! So tell me, how the hell can she win awards in categories in which she isn’t a nominee? If she will be the host this year then great! No one is forcing you to watch!

  6. You must have a terrible ear for music. Carrie is the best country (or music) artist in the business. No one else combines continued multiplatinum cd sales, 1 Million ticket tours, untouchable vocals and stage show, film, tv, songwriting awards, golden globes, beauty inside and out, down home charm… yah, she really is going downhill !! You are a fool

  7. Brad & Carrie have maybe the best chemistry in music.. .well, I guess Miranda and Blake come close… but for 2 friends they really make sparks fly on stage. hope they tour together someday.. that tour would break records !! Let’s all get ready for a historic perfomance of "Remind Me" that night – they are sure to bring the house down again.

  8. Did someone trick you into buying Carrie Underwood concert tickets for 2011? Please for your own sake, check facts before you go and spew stupidity on public comment sections.

  9. @bedibye813 Carrie had a huge Play On tour that wet all through 2010 and into 2011, my family was pleased to get tickets to once again ejnjoy her in person and see just how much she has grown as an entertainer. Looking forward to her release of her new album and FYI, she is the first performer confirmed for Nashville’s 2012 Country Cmusic Festval. Get your facts straight.

  10. Carries new album is out and the new single is already doing well. Idc if Taylor Swift is getting awards, just saw that taylors 4th album is going to be about the relationship she had with that jake guy, and they only dated 3 months, Carrie is married she has a lot more to say about love, Taylor doesn’t know what the hell love is, why would u write an album about a 3 month relationship, avril lavigne’s last album talked about her divorce, but she only had half the album talking about the divorce

  11. Ok the only reason she hasn’t won any awards is because she hasn’t made new music and the only reason she hasn’t made new music is because she took time off because she got married! Im pretty sure you would wanna spend time with your new husband too, ya know since that is kinda the point of being married! Get a life and stop hatin’! Carrie Underwood is greater than you will probably ever be, you’re jealous:)

  12. I am sure Carrie’s new album will blow away Taylor’s 4th album, even though I love Taylor. Taylor writes about her relationships, and it becomes her style and market strategy. Last 2 albums were cute, but I don’t know how fans will receive it for the 3rd one being the same concept. Carrie’s album is a variety of different situations, plus it is lyrically, vocally and musically amazing.

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