14 thoughts on “Clown hosting green star polyp

  1. This is so cool. I just got some Green Star Polyps and never knew clowns would do this! Are these growing on the sand? I wanna do this!!

  2. Yes , Green Star Polyps are pretty invasive so i let it grow on the sand instead of the live rocks.
    This way it’s easier to prune and control. Clows love it.

  3. Your green star polyps are a beautiful color green. What lighting unit and bulbs do you have?

  4. Thanks.
    It’s a Red Sea Max 130 and i am running the stock lighting in it.
    2 X 55 watts T5 , 50/50 Super daylignt 10000k and Actinic Blue.
    4 Blue leds as moonlight at night.

  5. Your green star polyps are the greenest, prettiest strain I’ve seen. Where did you order/buy them from?

  6. It all started from a small piece , nit much larger then a quarter size. I bought it from my local reef shop .As a matter of fact i’m going to bring back a large piece of it to the store and get a credit for it as it’s huge now.

  7. How much store credit are they going to give you? I might be willing to match their offer and pay for shipping. My tank’s going up in 50 days and your green star polyps would look beautiful in it.

  8. Thanks for your interest! Sadly me being in Canada and you in the United States , i can’t legally and easily ship live corals across the border. One needs to have a permit to do so. I guess you might aswell try to hunt for some on the many online stores that do business in the USA.Many have some very nice strain with actual pictures of the specimen online. Have a nice day !

  9. I have noticed with all the tanks that I have seen with cyano and GSP, that the GSP has been similar looking to this. I love this GSP too

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